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Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams

Dr. Nat Williams knows that anyone can be successful. After losing his mother at a very early age, Dr. Williams and grew up in the New York City foster care system. Today, he is a Doctor of Education, President/CEO and founder of several nonprofit organizations. He is the host of a weekly talk show called, The Navigating Your Life Show with Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams. He is the author of several self-help books encompassing, The Absolutes of Success Series and a he is also a sought after motivational speaker. Read full bio





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Attaining Your Personal Best- Buy Now

Beginning anew is often difficult because we tend to bring the past forward with us. In revisiting the past, we may seek

to prove to ourselves that it was not as bad as it really was, or we may seek to forecast the future. Much of the time,

however, dredging up the past is a futile effort. A new beginning needs to be just that—something that is new (novel,

original, fresh, innovative) and that is a beginning (start, launch, creation, commencement). In this definition of a new

beginning, there is no room for the past.

Embracing Your Real Life Embracing Your Real Life - Buy Now

The Prosperous 10 Embracing Your Real Life

The Prosperous 10 provides a description of the ten sensitivities a person must possess in order to embrace the life they desire and warrant. This book highlights the concepts of change required to reach a person’s fullest potential while recognizing this quests is a journey not a destination. To get more info Visit the Website

The Navigator of Life - Buy Now

Keeping Your Ship of Life in Balance and On Course

The Navigator of Life is a tool to assist individuals in making balanced decisions by encouraging the consideration of the areas of family/friends, health, environment, personal development, recreation, financial, education, and spirituality in all decisions.

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Management and Leadership by the 3Ps - Buy Now

Utilizing Prompt, Pristine and Particular Methods

Management and Leadership by the 3P’s provides an instrument using prompt, pristine, and particular methods through which managers can explore the various elements of a given organizational culture. Dr. Williams explores our F.E.A.R.S (False Evidence Appearing Real) vs. D.R.E.A.M.S. (Desire to Reach Each Achievable Measure of Success). The people, places, and possessions of an organization determine the long-term success of that organization. The “3Ps” is designed to aid in conflict avoidance and resolution and fundamentally allow managers and leaders to identify their own responsibility in achieving these goals.

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The Mature 64 - Buy Now

Living Life 8 by 8

The Mature 64 conceptualizes the eight roles that should be present in our lives – maturity, universal love, fellowship, reflection, promptness, pristineness, following particular methods, and accountability/responsibility. These roles must be present during the interaction with the eight domains of life – health/fitness, family/friends, environment, financial, education, spirituality, personal development, and recreation. We reach maturity by managing the eight roles in congruency with the eight domains of our lives. The ultimate goal is to state “I AM MATURE” or “WE ARE MATURE”.

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The Affordability Factor - Buy Now

The 4Cs of Change

The Affordability Factor: The 4Cs of Change is a life-management tool created by Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams. It is a liberating framework for self-discovery and a guide to achieving our fullest potential. This framework guides us to first recognize and then release ourselves from the traumatic, personal, and damaging affects of challenging life events. Such challenging life events come in many forms, yet they all share two characteristics: they are profound and life altering. Underlying the development of the concept and tool is that most of us are trapped in a vicious cycle because we lack the understanding required to reframe and direct the challenging life event to its rightful place in our life. Then we can launch forward, stronger and wiser. If we do not reframe these challenging life events, we inadvertently decrease our prospects for the future.

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